Benefits of Hotel Employee Headshots

Putting Your Best Foot Forward: The Benefits of Hotel Employee Headshots

A lot of mental real estate gets taken up by questions of identity and purpose. Employees often wonder if they are a part of a team or if they’re disposable units, no more important than bin liners and bottled water.

A business needs to recruit the best employees and treat consumers well. A series of professional hotel employee headshots help achieve both of these goals.

With headshots, employees feel noticed and accountable. Guests understand that they are being taken attended by caring, visible people.

How do headshots achieve this? The following ruminates on this promise.

Hotel Employee Headshots Benefits

These benefits cut both ways, often on a subtle, psychological level. More importantly, they let employees see themselves as the guests do, valuable and approachable.


The first type of recognition is internally for the employee. When they see themselves displayed on the wall of the lobby, they know they matter.

Being recognized isn’t the same as being called out. This positive affirmation provides a boost, telling employees that they are noticed for working, not simply tolerated for getting the job done.

You don’t want your employees doing the bare minimum and you can’t expect more unless you’re also willing to give more. This principle is examined at length by many consulting firms.


Professional headshots for hotel employees aren’t the same as a candid snap, they require an investment of time and money. This investment in the photo reflects your investment in the employees.

It is a real, physical token of your commitment and trust in the employee. A statement that they matter to the organization and aren’t disposable or replaceable at a moment’s notice.


The first of several benefits of hotel employee photos to the guest is the ability to recognize employees when they need help. They don’t have to go looking for a uniform or a nametag but can form a connection with the clerks, the cleaning staff, and the attendants.

They feel more comfortable asking questions and engaging with issues. They’re also less likely to make frivolous complaints against a real person. It actually takes more mental effort to formulate an issue with someone they recognize.

Employees also feel more accountable to guests when they know that their work is being noticed. The headshots, in this way, act as a signature.


In many ways, you want to foster a family atmosphere in your hotel. The employees work together to achieve a goal and benefit from death others’ success.

Hotel employee photos lend a sense of personality, giving each member of your staff a moment to put themselves in front of the guests. This is especially important for the back-of-house staff that may not ever be truly seen by a guest.

A Professional Face

In partial terms, hotel employee headshots are one more way to put your business ahead of the competition. They put forward a promise of hospitality and foster a welcoming environment.

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