Whether you are a Las Vegas based business or have 10 to 5000 employees at a conference in Las Vegas, we are more than happy to pack up our lights, cameras and backdrops and come to you. 

Event Photography in Las Vegas

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Do you have a special event, concert, business conference, cocktail hour, reception party, team building event or award ceremony that you want professionally recorded or photographed? Then you've come to the right place! Our expert Las Vegas Event Photography Services are here to meet all of your special event photography requirements.
Vallance Studio's event photography specialists meticulously shoot every business event, no matter how large or small, with an eye for obtaining the required images to satisfy all of your requirements.
Vallance Studio's event photographers make it their mission to know who the important individuals are and what each client's unique requirements are. We aim to collaborate with our clients and create long-term partnerships by surpassing their expectations through quick response times, exceptional client service and unrivaled professionalism.
With high-quality corporate event photography, our Las Vegas event photographers can capture contemporary photos that represent the overall vibe of the event. We provide expert corporate event recording services.

Your Premier Las Vegas Event Photography Specialists

Professional Event Photography in Las Vegas

Types of events we cover

Photos capturing your event can serve as the best investment for your business as they serve as a priceless tool that you can use to highlight your company's spirit for years to come. Here are some of the types of events we cover:

Event Photography and Video
We cover corporate events of all sizes and styles In Las Vegas including conferences, tradeshows, themed parties and more.

Trade shows and Conventions
Our event photographers have covered a broad range of the biggest conferences and trade fairs in Las Vegas throughout the years.

Corporate Events
Every corporate event is captured carefully with the goal of portraying the client's branding, marketing, public relations and general requirements.

Photography for Nightlife Events
Smokey clubs, loud settings and flashing lights are not a problem for Vallance Studio's experienced event photographers. Our expertise in low-light conditions, along with our high degree of professionalism, ensures that your special event receives the best in nighttime photography.

Using an expert photographer for a special event is worth the investment

A launch party, an award ceremony, or any other kind of celebration takes a significant amount of time and work to plan. Having a competent corporate event photographer hired to capture some of the event's most essential and memorable moments is one element that is often overrated.
We believe you will be unable to capture all of your event's unique moments unless you hire a professional Las Vegas event photographer.

Qualified event photographers in Las Vegas

The post-processing phase accounts for half of the effort involved in producing high-quality photographs. When a photographer is skilled at shot editing, it helps to elevate the photos to a whole new level. It helps yield excellent photos that immediately take the viewer to the subject’s allure and appeal.
Another advantage of hiring a professional event photographer is that they can take excellent headshots of your guests. Many of our business customers combine their event experience with professional headshots.
Employee headshots can be utilized on your website or portfolio to increase visibility for your business organization and demonstrate your more compassionate side.
These headshots are a great way to add personality to your company's web presence, so make sure you have the best photographer available for this task during your big event.

We provide top class Las Vegas event photography for all types of events

We are a full-service event company that can cover several events at the same time virtually any place in Las Vegas. Our quick and dependable service provides for instant coverage or if extra assistance is required to cover an event.
Our experienced Las Vegas event photographer understands just where to be at the event and what precise moment to capture in time. With years of event photography expertise, we can provide high-quality event photography services for world-class award ceremonies, multi-day conferences, charity fundraisers and unique corporate events across Las Vegas.
Request a professional event photographer for your next event today!
Clients appreciate our professional, yet friendly and modest attitude. We take the time to understand our clients' needs and negotiate their schedules ahead of time.
We take pleasure in our attention to detail, excellent standards and reasonable pricing. So, whatever your needs are, we will collaborate with you to provide exceptional outcomes.

Why Choose us for your event photography in Las Vegas?

Our full-service event photography business is backed by years of industry expertise. We deal directly with all kinds of clients in the Las Vegas area and understand the industry standard when it comes to fulfilling each client's high expectations, whether it's for a small intimate event or a full-scale, multi-day event. Here are some of the reasons why our clients choose us for their special Las Vegas event.

Highly Creative
Being a Las Vegas event photographer necessitates more than just an artistic eye. It also requires excellent technical knowledge and abilities. Our expertise and creativity enable us to produce one-of-a-kind and attractive images that people can relate to. Whether it's a corporate event, trade fair, or complete commercial production, we offer a new and creative viewpoint to every Las Vegas event photography job.

Excellent Quality
We are certain that high-quality photographs make all the difference. That is why we take the time to meticulously design each project, paying great attention to even the tiniest aspects in order to provide the finest outcomes possible. We can help distinguish your business or brand by producing visuals that convey a sense of quality and worth.

Extremely Professional
Professional photography is a strong tool for communicating with your clients and target audience. We have years of experience as a Las Vegas event photographer and have the skillset and ability to capture your vision and ideas.

Customized event photos

You are getting the finest and most experienced event photographers in Las Vegas when you engage us for your business event. You can be certain that the finished result will always surpass your expectations. Customized event photography is our specialty and passion.
Do you want to talk about an event photography project with us? We will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with a custom quote.

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