Headshots and your brand

Benefits of Employee Headshots and Your Brand Identity


Did you know that over 88 million professionals work in America? Regardless of your occupation, whether you do something in a super specialty niche, this means you face a lot of competition in your field.

How do you stand out from the crowd? Get your picture taken for your business website, your business cards, and more!

Read on to learn the benefits of professional headshots and your brand identity.

headshots and your brand


Adding your face to the business makes you look more professional. It shows that you take pride in what you do and intend on putting yourself out there to succeed.

But, quality matters. Hiring a reputable headshot photographer will ensure that you look more professional and not like a flop. Even with the best photographer, you must come prepared to get amazing professional headshots.

Dress like your CEO in upscale business attire. But, skip any flashy jewelry or wild patterns to avoid appearing over the top.

Men’s hair should appear clean-cut. If you sport a beard, trim it neatly.

Women should style their hair in a way that stays true to them but avoid anything too big or sexy. When applying makeup for headshots, it should appear very natural.

Personalizes the Brand

People do not want to buy from a faceless business. They would much rather connect with another human.

When they see a friendly face on a website or business card, it automatically feels more personal. This offers them the opportunity to form a genuine connection.

When people can connect with the brand, they can also fall in love with it. Build brand identity with a natural smile and welcoming pose to draw people to you.

Relax and avoid looking nervous or rigid. Many business professionals opt to slightly cross their arms so they appear professional but approachable.


Heading into unknown situations can amp up for just about anybody. This holds true for consumers as well.

Whether they plan to purchase something from you, take your class, attend a therapy session, or spend time with you in any other professional way, it could give them the jitters. Knowing who to expect when they walk in can keep nerves calm.

People take away a lot about a person from a picture. They pick up cues from attire, body language, and facial expressions.

Once they see your face, this situation feels somewhat familiar. Then, they know who to look for when walking in and formulate a story about what to expect.

Competitive Edge

Attaching your face to your brand gives you a competitive edge over your competition. Not everybody takes the time or spends the money to get professional headshots. It will make your website, business cards, and professional profiles stand out in a positive way.

Connect Headshots and Your Brand

Every brand puts out a logo, but many are missing a face. Connect headshots and your brand to stand out in your profession. It will welcome consumers and make them feel more comfortable doing business with you.

Valance photographers care about quality and focus on the details. Let’s connect to book your photo session!


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